London – 9 December 2014


international Health Partners (IHP) in partnership with Banco Farmaceutico and Action Medeor has launched EURMED; a unique industry collaboration that enables the donation of medicines for disaster relief and humanitarian aid.

The donation of medical supplies is crucial during disaster response, with pharmaceutical industry collaboration vital in enabling this. It is undoubted that a certainty of supply and speed of deployment saves lives during humanitarian relief, with EURMED specifically designed to make such a process easier for both those making the donations and those distributing the medicines.


In a message to IHP, The Prince of Wales said:


"International Health Partners are to be warmly commended for bringing together the pharmaceutical industry, health charities, international aid agencies, governments and medical professionals to deliver humanitarian aid safely and securely to those most in need. It is a powerful testament to just what can be achieved when we work together. I can only hope that EURMED – the European pharmaceutical initiative being launched by I.H.P on the occasion of its tenth anniversary – will bring even more essential medicines to some of the world's most vulnerable communities."


EURMED is a unique collaborative way for the pharmaceutical industry to donate medicines safely and responsibly. It improves the access to medical treatment for the most disadvantaged by pooling resources across Europe. It also has a positive impact across the medicine supply chain by reducing waste and unnecessary destruction costs. Moreover, EURMED will be a powerful motivational tool for staff who can clearly see the impact their efforts are having during disaster relief and humanitarian assistance.


Anthony Dunnett, President of International Health Partners highlighted that:


EURMED is an innovative new initiative from three leading European medical NGOs, designed to serve the European healthcare industry. Our online donation tool ensures secure and effective delivery of product to NGOs serving people in need: it matches supply and demand, tracks product to final destination and gathers feedback from the field."


The importance of a more co-ordinated approach has been driven by the fact that donating medicines is actually not that simple. It requires distinct expertise and a common set of standards, both of which EURMED will enable. The new system represents a step change in the capability of the pharmaceutical industry to collaborate and deliver increased medicines donations.


The support of the healthcare industry in Europe is crucial for the success of EURMED. This was recognised by Jane Griffiths, Company Group Chairman, Janssen* Europe, Middle East and Africa at EURMED’s launch event at Spencer House in London, who noted:


"Johnson & Johnson is proud to have been involved with IHP since its foundation and a supporter of EURMED from its inception. EURMED is a significant opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry to make a real difference to the donation of vital medical supplies to the World Health Organisation and other NGOs during both immediate disaster relief and ongoing humanitarian support programmes. We would encourage all our peer companies to become fully engaged in this unique programme that can make a real difference to those in need."


* Janssen is the pharmaceutical division of Johnson & Johnson.


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HRH The Prince of Wales marks IHP's 10th Anniversary and the launch of EURMED

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EURMED Formal Launch


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From L-R: Dr Richard Barker, Chairman of IHP; Anthony Dunnett, President of IHP; HRH The Prince of Wales; Jane Griffiths, Comapny Group Chairman EMEA of Janssen; John Young, Group President Global Established Pharma Business, Pfizer