EURMED was founded in 2014 by three leading European medical NGOs (action medeor, Banco Farmaceutico and International Health Partners), with the shared objective of ensuring the efficient and effective use of product donations from the European healthcare industry to address the needs of underserved communities around the world.


Through EURMED Online (an online donation tool) we oversee a system for the needs-based allocation of donated product to NGOs serving people in need, in a secure, effective and transparent manner. Our priority is to ensure that all donated medical product is safely and professionally handled and reaches those in need quickly.


EURMED serves the European healthcare industry, matching product donations to the needs of underserved communities around the world

The donation of medical product requires co-ordination, expertise and a common set of standards. By channelling product donations from Europe through EURMED, donors companies are able to:


  • Tackle health poverty by providing access to medicines

  • Meet accepted standards for drug donations

  • Reduce waste levels in the supply chain

  • Avoid costs of destruction

  • Multiply their impact by adding their resources to those of other donors

  • Engage staff in Europe in a regional donation capability, complementing existing Head Office activities


EURMED is a division of International Health Partners (UK) Ltd

Charity number: 1105455 | Company number: 5044723 | EORI number GB010120512000

© International Health Partners

HRH The Prince of Wales marks the 10th anniversary of International Health Partners and the launch of EURMED.


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